CBS Morning News recently highlighted a product defect with an artificial hip implant called the Profemur Modular Neck. The femoral neck component of the device is known to suddenly fracture while patients are going about routine, everyday life. According to reports, patients have been left stranded with a fractured device while hiking, golfing, bowling, mowing the lawn, lifting a potted plant, getting out of a chair, putting on pants, and leaning over to pick up a key. This leaves patients unable to walk and in need of emergency surgery.

The emergency surgery is a gruesome, hours-long procedure that can be traumatic because the broken implant is embedded in the femur bone and is difficult to remove. The repair surgery, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars and may not be fully reimbursed by insurance, often requires a patient’s femur to be cracked open to extract a metal stem that was inserted down its length. The fractures could have been avoided if the manufacturer responded to early signs of failure with more urgency.

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