At Preuss | Foster Law We Are Paid On A Contingency Fee Basis – If you do not win, we do not receive a fee.

The most common question asked by clients is: how do we afford an attorney? The average family cannot afford to pay attorneys by the hour to take on big insurance and big business. Very few “real people” can afford to do that, so if hourly billing was the only way a lawyer could be paid, the vast majority of folks with a serious injury could not afford to bring a claim or lawsuit against a big business or insurance company. Preuss | Foster Law believes the “pay by the hour” legal system locks the court house doors for people that have been injured.

The attorneys at Preuss | Foster Law are confident in the cases of their clients. Because of this, the firm works on a contingency fee basis. This means that our clients owe no attorney’s fees and will not be required to pay any costs until a recovery is obtained for the client in the case. In other words, our clients pay us nothing while we’re working on their case. Indeed, we do not receive any fee until we obtain financial compensation for our client, and then our fee is a percentage of that recovery. Preuss | Foster Law assume the financial risk, but in return for us taking the risk, the courthouse doors remain open for everyone. If you do not win, we do not receive a fee. There are no secrets or surprises at Preuss | Foster. We explain our contingent fee when a client first contacts us.

Not all law firms are willing to invest in a client’s case. Most defense law firms are paid on an “hourly fee basis.” When you are injured, the insurance company will hire lawyers to immediately start working against you. Attorneys who defend insurance companies and big businesses are typically paid by their clients on an “hourly fee basis.” They send their clients a bill on a periodic basis (typically monthly bills) for the hours worked during that time period, and they’re paid each month throughout the life of a case. Since the lawyers are working by the hour, they will think of all angles to investigate your case, so that they can bill more hours to the insurance company. Lawyers billing on an hourly fee basis are paid whether they win or lose. Insurance companies, like Shelter Insurance and State Farm, and big businesses can afford to pay their lawyers the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to finance a case from beginning to end.

If you do not win, we do not receive a fee. There are no secrets or surprises at Preuss | Foster.

You And Your Family Deserve The Best

If you or a family member has been injured, our team of nationally renowned dedicated personal injury attorneys at Preuss | Foster are here to help. When you make the decision to work with Preuss | Foster, we take every part of your case personally and are ready to take you case to trial in order to attempt to secure fair compensation.

Our highly skilled lawyers are highly responsive to your concerns and will help guide you through every step of the process. Call the offices of Preuss | Foster at (816)307-2788 and receive the personal attention that you deserve.