What sets us apart?

Pruess | Foster Law was founded on the core principle that every individual, regardless of their wealth or social status, is entitled to the highest quality legal representation. Founding partners TJ Preuss and Shawn Foster are committed to representing their clients in the same fashion that the partners would want their family and friends represented.

We have developed a national reputation by representing clients from all 50 states and who reside in other countries. We also are well known in Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, and throughout the small towns of Missouri and Kansas, where we have practiced for the last twenty years. We have taken on the largest firms and large corporations, and we have won. Our results speak for themselves. We are not only committed to obtaining justice for our clients. We are committed to providing the resources for our clients to restore both their financial and emotional health.

We have two primary goals.

01The first is to help you rebuild your life. If you were injured or are grieving a loved one’s death, it can completely shatter your life. You may not be able to work, you will experience stress, medical bills will accumulate, and insurance companies will call you and send you mountains of paperwork. The insurance company will be trying to get you to state something against your interest so that they can escape responsibility. We know that when someone is damaged or suffers a serious injury, it has a rippling effect on all areas of that individual’s life. Your marriage is affected. Your employment is affected. Your ability to enjoy life is affected. You are suffering because someone else did the wrong thing, with minimal regard to how their actions may affect innocent people. When we work together to rebuild your life, we focus on getting you both the medical care and financial compensation you need.

02Our second fundamental goal is to work with you to change the system. That has been a hallmark of Preuss | Foster since day one. Our clients do not only want to rebuild their lives. They want us to tirelessly advocate and send a message to the insurance companies and large businesses that certain conduct is not acceptable. We want to be the voice for our clients and force the wrongdoers to make changes so that another family will never have to experience the same loss and pain. As your lawyers, we will force companies and industries to change their practices so other people do not have to go through what you did. When you bring a lawsuit and expose the wrongdoer, you are not only helping your family, but you are serving the community. You, holding the wrongdoer responsible, does not only guarantee you a form of justice, but it will have a lasting effect within our community.

If we meet our goals, then we will meet our Mission. Our Mission is simple. We want to obtain justice for our clients who have been damaged or harmed by others’ wrongdoing by seeking full compensation for their losses. We also want to punish the wrongdoer so that nobody else is harmed.

We are proud to be trial attorneys. We know that we are the justice system strong by protecting the rights of the individual. We strongly support the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys and other organizations across the country that help keep the courthouse door open to everyone, not just the big corporations. We are results-driven and very aggressive when representing our clients. Our attorneys bring a strong combination of experience, education, and practical knowledge to the table when fighting for our clients.

We Take It Personally

We know that you are immediately faced with many questions once you or a family member is injured. How are you going to pay doctor and hospital medical bills? Are you going to be able to miss work for your medical appointments? How are you going to meet your monthly bills? The decisions you are facing can be overwhelming, and the insurance companies know that you are facing these issues. The insurance company will immediately call you and befriend you to ask you questions that are phrased to help them and not you. How you respond to these issues will directly affect your case.

This can be terrifying and overwhelming. We know from representing thousands of clients that there have been many sleepless nights. There have been many needless arguments.

How will you pay for the bills and daily requirements that need to be paid for with the offensive settlement offered to you by the insurance company? It does not take long to figure out that the insurance company is fighting for itself and its interest. At Preuss | Foster, we know the insurance company immediately starts working against you with its army of claims adjusters and lawyers. We consult with people daily who have never hired a lawyer and do not consider themselves “the type” to hire an attorney. Within 10 minutes of the free consultation, we see them become less stressed and experience relief in obtaining answers to their questions.

You And Your Family Deserve The Best Representation

If you or a family member has been damaged or injured, our team of nationally renowned dedicated attorneys at Preuss | Foster Law are here to help you get justice. When you hire Preuss | Foster Law, we take every part of your case personally, and are we will prepare your case to be successful at trial.

Our attorneys are highly responsive to your concerns and help guide you through every step of the process.

Call the offices of Preuss | Foster Law at (816)307-2788 and receive the personal attention that you deserve.