Haley Arnel

Haley is a new and excited paralegal. She graduated college early and received her Bachelor’s in Political Science from the University of Central Missouri in December of 2021. She started Preuss | Foster in March of 2022.

Haley currently lives in Merriam, KS but grew up in the small town of Tipton, MO. She has worked on teams her whole life: for sports, school, and clubs, and Preuss | Foster is no different. Haley loves using her time management and communication skills every day at work to help her team be successful. Working closely with the attorneys every day is her favorite part of the job.

While Haley loves working at the firm, she would eventually like to attend the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Law to become an attorney herself. Currently though, she loves coming to work and really enjoys being a paralegal. Her life outside of work includes going to the gym, calling her family, and spending a lot of time with her dog and cats, all of which she has adopted.