TJ Preuss

T.J. Preuss

“Taking the time to listen to the concerns of our clients, making them feel understood, and providing much needed hope is crucial to ensuring the best possible outcome.”

From Humble Beginnings to National Recognition

Founder T.J. Preuss didn’t start life on the easy street to success. Raised in the northern suburbs of St. Louis by a single mother, T.J. grew up with truly humble beginnings but with the foundation of strong role models. As a young boy, T.J. watched his mother put herself through nursing school so they could have a better life. His mother also worked full-time as an in-home aid for quadriplegic patients who were paralyzed from the neck down. Because his mother couldn’t afford care for T.J., he often accompanied her to care for her patients. This background would pave the way for T.J.’s future. It gave him the experience to stand side-by-side with those in need and the passion to make a positive difference in the lives of his clients, many of whom suffer from severe and lasting consequences, including debilitating injuries causing devastating financial burdens to themselves and their families. T.J. finds purpose in helping these clients by giving a voice to the voiceless and restoring hope for those who feel they have none. T.J. credits the challenges and experiences of his youth for providing the determination, compassion and hard work that have become hallmarks of Preuss | Foster Law.

Early in his career T.J. worked primarily on behalf of defense clients, representing companies in business disputes and negligence actions and doctors and hospitals in medical liability cases. After spending several years on the defense side, the focus of his practice shifted from representing defendants to primarily representing plaintiffs. T.J. spent a decade prosecuting nation-wide complex pharmaceutical and medical device cases against some of the largest corporations in the United States, which was the catalyst for opening Preuss | Foster in 2017. At Preuss | Foster, while still representing clients who have been harmed by pharmaceuticals and medical devices, T.J. has turned the majority of his focus towards our local community, helping victims of vehicular negligence, professional malpractice and product liability. T.J. has obtained favorable results representing plaintiffs in medical malpractice, civil rights, nursing home negligence, pharmaceutical and medical device liability and individual product liability actions.

Because T.J. was given opportunities during his formative years that allowed him to succeed despite challenges, he is dedicated to making a positive difference by assisting those affected by injustice. This same devotion has led T.J. to receive numerous accolades and awards based on peer review, in addition to appointments by Courts and colleagues across the nation to represent people who have been harmed.

Perhaps most importantly, T.J. remains dedicated to giving back to the local community he serves. As part of Preuss | Foster, T.J. initiated Better Community Law. Because our civil justice system only allows monetary recovery when someone has been injured or killed, as a firm Preuss | Foster wants to see more done to help remedy wrongs and to make our community a better place. Through Better Community Law, Preuss | Foster works with its clients to give back to the communities it serves. Therefore, not only does Preuss | Foster partner with its clients to obtain a monetary recovery on their behalf, but the firm also wants to give back to the community based on client interests. By providing client-specific community service, Preuss | Foster hopes to help protect others from suffering the same losses endured by its clients.

Consultations and services are free of charge to all clients until compensation is awarded on their behalf. T.J. understands that taking the time to listen to the concerns of his clients, ensuring they are understood, and providing much needed hope is crucial to ensuring the best possible outcome. Remaining connected to his humble roots and strong values allows T.J. to relate well to others and inspires him to continue to fight to protect the rights of those he is honored to serve.